If Bowser Was a Disney Fan

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.

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  • Dorkly
    Dorkly2 muaj më parë

    not gonna lie, most of this was just an excuse to let Sam do more British Bowser

  • Jenna The Freak

    Jenna The Freak

    4 ditë më parë


  • JozMk. II

    JozMk. II

    6 ditë më parë

    Thank you sir. Keep British Bowser coming.

  • Lokhein Tavannus

    Lokhein Tavannus

    14 ditë më parë

    Seems he's channeling actor John Hurt for this one. Brilliant stuff

  • MasterT91


    Muaj më parë

    @NewhamMatt thank you for responding and letting me know.

  • Guy Ghoul

    Guy Ghoul

    Muaj më parë

    @MasterT91 Sam Reich

  • mdsatan
    mdsatanDitë më parë

    ok, any decision that leads to more British Bowser is a good one.

  • Faiz Patel
    Faiz Patel4 ditë më parë

    This is the first time I saw Bowser's front side

  • Throwback Channel
    Throwback Channel4 ditë më parë

    No more Pokédex videos

  • M S
    M S5 ditë më parë

    His accent makes me wanna pet Bowser like a good boy

  • Darnell Constant
    Darnell Constant7 ditë më parë

    He just needs he's cloaca rubbed

  • Hiro Protagonist
    Hiro Protagonist8 ditë më parë

    Petition to have Bowser permanently replaced by David Attenborough.

  • Christopher Poulos
    Christopher Poulos8 ditë më parë

    Everytime I see Bowser, I voice him in this voice.

  • Totally Radical
    Totally Radical8 ditë më parë

    "I've, I've....SEEN THINGS" 🤣🤣💀💩

  • MrShourin
    MrShourin9 ditë më parë

    The SMB 3 story but SMB 1 characters. Kinda takes you out of the story there.

  • FamilyGuyAddict69
    FamilyGuyAddict6911 ditë më parë

    Those poor boos and koopas have to work for this guy. And finally Peach is the hero in this one.

  • crublybat [Gamer]
    crublybat [Gamer]18 ditë më parë

    incredible you are all a crack

  • NinjaKombatant YT
    NinjaKombatant YT19 ditë më parë

    0:27 I gotta go!😂😂😂😂

  • Jan Spiteri
    Jan Spiteri19 ditë më parë

    Can't believe Bowser made a Boo possess a toilet...

  • Lambo Beats
    Lambo Beats20 ditë më parë

    Ngl bowser looks kinda cute right there

  • Chief Daddy
    Chief Daddy21 ditë më parë

    I love this accent

  • Elsid Sadiku
    Elsid Sadiku22 ditë më parë

    Bowser voice is amazing, is he a known actor?

  • Salvatore Mutuale

    Salvatore Mutuale

    22 ditë më parë

    No, i think his voice actor is some guy they hired

  • Personality Of Brick Wall
    Personality Of Brick Wall23 ditë më parë

    what if bowser wants to be the princess in those Disney movies?

  • Ruben melaku
    Ruben melaku23 ditë më parë

    O no

  • LordOfTheCats
    LordOfTheCats24 ditë më parë

    Dorkly Disney remakes > Live action Disney remakes

  • IDon'tGiveAShitAnymoreII
    IDon'tGiveAShitAnymoreII25 ditë më parë

    OK I have to admit, the animations on here is on point.

  • the critic of mischief
    the critic of mischief27 ditë më parë

    that song is copyright. this song is old as Disney and their copyright claims. this song is copyright.

  • Tyler Kinnie
    Tyler KinnieMuaj më parë

    Okay it's hilarious that Bowser made a BOO possess a toilet and let people use him

  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork KirliaMuaj më parë

    We do love English Bowser yes

  • Giga Demon Barney the Random Dinosaur
    Giga Demon Barney the Random DinosaurMuaj më parë

    Didney worl

  • Jiado
    JiadoMuaj më parë

    “But I’ve got one more thing up my sleeve: I’m really rich.”

  • human exe
    human exeMuaj më parë

    I love how princess peach is so chill

  • Big Tasty
    Big TastyMuaj më parë

    How many of you guys really wanted to see the koopa troopa wear the red Jasmine costume.

  • Malcky
    MalckyMuaj më parë

    0:26 My Favorite part is the toilet rage quits from the song

  • Guy Ghoul
    Guy GhoulMuaj më parë

    Between that suave English voice and that classy coat, th is my favourite Dorkly video with Bowser yet! I am also impressed by how you did the sprite animation... especially wi the 8-bit versions of the sprites... including turnarounds! ...I find that oddly inspiring. Also, the Boo toile thing... I wanted to cringe and laugh at once.

  • Chris Barone
    Chris BaroneMuaj më parë

    Oooh! It would be a lifelong dream for Disney to team up with Nintendo!

  • Ultra Zamasu
    Ultra ZamasuMuaj më parë

    You expect a toilet to sing about serving dinner?

  • DrakeGrandX
    DrakeGrandXMuaj më parë

    "He makes me wear the costume of Jasmine sometimes! The red one!!!"

  • Robert Hoerz
    Robert HoerzMuaj më parë

    "The red one!!!"

  • 20th century Logos
    20th century LogosMuaj më parë

    Peachy and the Bowser (1991)

  • Super Marro Man
    Super Marro ManMuaj më parë

    0:51: Pause here and 8 bit bowsers face is priceless

  • Meh Meh
    Meh MehMuaj më parë

    You do realize they had a baby right?

  • Johnny Xiong
    Johnny XiongMuaj më parë

    He makes me wear the jasmine costume sometimes the "RED ONE". lol

  • FiendFI
    FiendFIMuaj më parë

    0:57 I'm not sure I needed to see bowser from this angle

  • iGamerPro YT
    iGamerPro YTMuaj më parë

    Nice to see Dorkly and Lowbrow using new and used sprites

  • JB Ridley
    JB RidleyMuaj më parë

    Well as long as he didn't watch the remakes, he's cool in my book

  • Mecha Jay
    Mecha JayMuaj më parë

    The Red One? Yikes!

  • Deborah Allen
    Deborah AllenMuaj më parë

    The condemned jaw supposedly poke because balance simplistically spill a a ancient poland. subsequent, cagey magician

  • Shawn Crown
    Shawn CrownMuaj më parë

    It's "be our guest" not "be our princess"

  • Overly Positive Fanboy
    Overly Positive FanboyMuaj më parë

    Where Bowser went wrong here was forgetting that the Beast didn't actually kidnap Belle.

  • Clover Fowlie
    Clover FowlieMuaj më parë

    More British Bowser = More Serotonin

  • Whisper
    WhisperMuaj më parë


  • Dario Bermudez
    Dario BermudezMuaj më parë

    Bowser - Jim Cummings Peach - Tress MacNeille Boo - Dee Bradley Baker Koopa Troopa - Dee Bradley Baker

  • CookieGaming 432
    CookieGaming 432Muaj më parë

    whoever did bowsers voice did a great job

  • Marked Ashamed
    Marked AshamedMuaj më parë

    Disney is so horrible, Rule 34 is an improvement.

  • Daniël Fuhres
    Daniël FuhresMuaj më parë

    Poor Bowser. ;n; He actually IS a pretty good guy.

  • Viezurele Nopții
    Viezurele NopțiiMuaj më parë

    What happen with Charmeleon and Charizard Pokedex?

  • SMIT D
    SMIT DMuaj më parë

    Please play pixelmon

  • Arogon Flames
    Arogon FlamesMuaj më parë

    *Gets Stockholm syndrome*

  • L3on Drak3
    L3on Drak3Muaj më parë

    Watching new dorkly videos:ew Watching old dorkly videos: it’s perfect

  • Nicolás Arroyo
    Nicolás ArroyoMuaj më parë

    Bring back professor tree!

  • Egg
    EggMuaj më parë

    “Oh thank god, sometimes he makes me wear the Jasmine costume. The red one!” OH NO, NOT THE *RED* ONE.

  • leon leon
    leon leonMuaj më parë

    there's a question which bothering me for years: why didn't Bowser forces his way in?

  • andrej mitrovic
    andrej mitrovicMuaj më parë

    Please continue with mortal kombat

  • Alucard Rocha
    Alucard RochaMuaj më parë

    That true that it’s sort of like beauty and the beast.

  • King Wang
    King WangMuaj më parë

    Poor bowser

  • Cody Smith
    Cody SmithMuaj më parë

    This is the 5th time you haven't posted a Literal Pokedex Entries video. Get to it!

  • Deltarune Lancer2
    Deltarune Lancer2Muaj më parë

    Front 8-bit bowser No No No No No No No No

  • JP Beauregard
    JP BeauregardMuaj më parë

    Bowser sounds just like John Cleese

  • FlyingDuckMan360
    FlyingDuckMan360Muaj më parë

    Now, why does this remind me of the Robot Chicken sketch with the talking chamberpot?

  • antilopezmexicanos
    antilopezmexicanosMuaj më parë

    Bowser's British accent is so perfectly fitting.

  • ThatToastyNavySheep Enterprises
    ThatToastyNavySheep EnterprisesMuaj më parë

    Walt Disney Pictures Presents: “Bowser and the Peach” coming in August 1991

  • Kosaru Garaboshi
    Kosaru GaraboshiMuaj më parë

    The best thing about this isn’t the Disney references. It isn’t the continued failure of Bowser trying to woo the princess. It’s not even the witty comparison between the two franchises. The best thing about this video... is the original sprite work!

  • Siege Of Darkness
    Siege Of DarknessMuaj më parë

    Bowser's accent was an interesting choice

  • Jacob Drolet
    Jacob DroletMuaj më parë

    Funny 😂

  • hpatgof CRASHBASHUK
    hpatgof CRASHBASHUKMuaj më parë

    this one was 100 times better then last week

  • SasquaDash
    SasquaDashMuaj më parë

    British Bowser needs to be canon in the games!

  • Hatsune Miku the Goddess
    Hatsune Miku the GoddessMuaj më parë

    Bowser needs to get back into dating. I know he can find that special person

  • bificommander
    bificommanderMuaj më parë

    Now I want the companion video: Luigi: "No-a-one is quick like Mar-io..."

  • Jose Matute
    Jose MatuteMuaj më parë

    The red one

  • cje24576
    cje24576Muaj më parë

    This is too funny!

  • cesargamer0116 Real
    cesargamer0116 RealMuaj më parë

    Please make a sonic goes berserk with kindness video

  • Bonedude
    BonedudeMuaj më parë

    Fun Fact: The boo that possessed the toilet is Sonic from Sonic For Hire.

  • Danny Jarquin
    Danny JarquinMuaj më parë

    Im Also A Disney Fan!

  • febreeziTV
    febreeziTVMuaj më parë

    holy crap you guys became.... not funny

  • Cruising Bongos
    Cruising BongosMuaj më parë

    Can we all agree that peanut butter is the face of dorkly now?

  • Diego Crusius
    Diego CrusiusMuaj më parë

    excellent pixel art

  • MadCap
    MadCapMuaj më parë

    Plot twist. Bowser was telling the truth and he actually is the mushroom prince cursed as a child by kamik who wanted a son

  • Graydon Charlton
    Graydon CharltonMuaj më parë

    Bowser goes Berserk plz

  • Shine Onn ENT.
    Shine Onn ENT.Muaj më parë

    Bowser was finna go all broke back on the turtle

  • Magmarxio Gaming
    Magmarxio GamingMuaj më parë

    Bowser was surprisingly well animated, like I know dorkly knows what they're doing but Bowser just looks natural for once with his smb1 design

  • Rex Chaffey
    Rex ChaffeyMuaj më parë

    Hellloooo lawsuit

  • Ken Masters
    Ken MastersMuaj më parë

    Plot Twist: Bowser is the new CEO who is ruining Disney.

  • Malcky
    MalckyMuaj më parë

    Disney Bowser fails to Sing

  • Johann Orozco
    Johann OrozcoMuaj më parë

    Relatable to a lonely person like me who is desperate for love. :')

  • Riley Durbin
    Riley DurbinMuaj më parë

    not another disney adult

  • Dorca
    DorcaMuaj më parë

    Ok what the hell dorkly how did you guys get so good at animation over time, good job guys

  • NotMarik
    NotMarikMuaj më parë

    ‘I made a Boo possess a toilet...’ Lol

  • Daniel Dishon
    Daniel DishonMuaj më parë

    Now I want to see Legends of Zelda mixed with Aladdin and Donkey Kong with Disneys Tarzan.

  • WebVMan
    WebVManMuaj më parë

    A tale as old as 1985... Bowser and the Peach...

  • Aaron Azzcalibur
    Aaron AzzcaliburMuaj më parë

    a part of me does feel sad for him, love is so hard to find

  • Newbie52
    Newbie52Muaj më parë

    This feels like the Dorkly of old. Clever, but not crude. I hope there's more like this on the way.

  • Javiel Alvarez
    Javiel AlvarezMuaj më parë

    Will they make The Mario Bros a parody of Horace & Jasper too?!

  • Jesse Millan
    Jesse MillanMuaj më parë

    "Bower, This isn't a Disney movie."-Viewer Commenting this "It is when I say it is."-Bowser

  • Jacob Fiveash
    Jacob FiveashMuaj më parë

    I wonder what happen if other Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong and Yoshi were Disney fans.

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